Targeted Eye Care Kit


EGP 920.00

A targeted eye care kit with a firming eye cream that’s perfect for rescuing tired eyes and which comes along with a metal applicator. The eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas on your face, so it must be treated with utmost care. That’s why we created the Targeted Eye Care Kit with a Firming Eye Cream that’s perfect for rescuing tired eyes, and a metal applicator. Start by applying the eye cream to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines around the eye, then finish by gently massaging the skin around your eyes using the metal applicator for optimal application.

Apply the Firming Eye Cream every morning and evening to clean, dry skin. After applying, gently tap the eye contour area. The double ended metal eye applicator enables you to apply your eye product and then massage your eye contour area using circular movements with the metal ball to immediately refresh eyes and help skin absorb product better. After use, be sure to rinse your applicator with clean water.

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